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Don’t you think, you deserve the luxury you dream of? Considering your that dream, we have launched “Bonnell Spring Mattress”. Our Bonnell Mattresses offer your body great support with comfort while sleeping. Our mattress comes with the best possible materials and fabrics because we want you to feel the comfort with luxury.
Balance your body temperature:
Bonnell designed from the inside out with our most advanced technologies to deliver the cooling comfort and support you need. Now every night you love to dream.
Great Body Support:
Akhtar bonnell spring mattresses are firm. Reacting to the pressure applied to the mattress, a firm support is gained across the length of the body, ensuring the spine is kept straight all time during sleep.
Best possible materials:
We use high tensile steel springs, linked together and cushioned with several comfort layers of pure PU foam, natural rubberized coir and plush upholstery. Because your satisfaction is our concern.