Pocket Spring

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If you like the bouncy feel, then a spring mattress might be better for you but if you get tired of the traditional spring mattress, you must try our Pocket spring mattress. Any sleeping position can be supported by a pocket spring mattress as it allows for proper weight distribution and adequate muscle and joint relief. So you must try Akhtar Pocket spring mattress, for your comfortable good night sleep.

Extra bouncy
This mattress is best for people who prefer a springy feeling, as opposed to a sinking one. So make your bed more bouncy through our mattress to enjoy your every toss and turn.

Regulate body temperature
Our pocket spring mattresses effectively regulate your body temperature by allowing proper
ventilation between your body and the mattress. So let our breathable mattress be the reason for your sound sleep.

Dream comfort
Spring mattress offers you at the same time proper body support with extra comfort. The pocket spring unit of these mattresses increase comfort by separating spring reading on body weight pressure.